CV-7600 Automatic Vision Tester

CV-7600 Automatic Vision Tester

CV-7600 Automatic Vision Tester/auto phoropter Compact and slim design
with smaller size lens switch fast and smoothly
provide more comfortable optometry experience
Bluetooth wireless communication, provide freedom of movement
Simple operation interface, integrate abundant information....
Product description

CV-7600 Automatic Vision Tester/auto phoropter

Compact and slim design, with smaller size, lens switch fast and smoothly, 

provide more comfortable optometry experience.

·Bluetooth wireless communication, provide freedom of movement.

·Simple operation interface, integrate abundant information.

·Support data transmission with external devices such as Auto refractometer/Chart Monitor etc. 


-19.00~+16.75D(0.25D/0.50D/1.00D/3.00D steps)


-6.00D~+6.00D  0.25D steps

Axis angle


Pupil distance

Distant range 52~80mm    Close range 48~76mm 0.5/1mm steps

Rotary Prism

0~20△(0.1△/0.5△/1△ steps)

Cross Cylinder Lens




Auxiliary Lens

PH, Binoculus(¢=1.0mm)


RL(Right eye)、GL(Left eye)

Polaroid(Right eye 135°/45°),(Left eye 45°/135°)

Prism(Right 3△BU ,6△BU),(Left 3△BD, 10△BI)

Cross Cylinder Lens(±0.50D Axis=90°)

PD Lens

CV head size

381mm×286mm×111mm   3.8kg

Table size

243mm×171mm×7mm  0.5kg

Power supply

AC220V 50Hz or AC110V 60Hz,90W


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