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What Is Slit Lamp Inspection?
Sep 08, 2017

slit lamp biomicroscopy, which is an important instrument for ophthalmic examination.

slit lamp biomicroscopy by the lighting system and binocular microscope, it can not only make superficial lesions observed very clearly, and can adjust the focus and light source width, made "optical section", so that deep tissue lesions can be clearly revealed. Slit lamp microscope can observe the eye: the use of diffuse lighting method, the use of integrated light, low magnification, can cornea, iris, crystal for a comprehensive observation with direct focus lighting method, you can observe the curvature and thickness of the cornea, (KP), as well as infiltration, ulcers and other lesions of the level and shape; focus backward push, can be observed in the turbid part of the crystal and vitreous in front of 1/3 of the lesion; such as the use of conical light , Can check the floating water within the room particles. When using the mirror reflex method, you can carefully observe the cornea before and after the crystal before and after the capsule of the subtle changes, such as the tear film on the shedding cells, corneal endothelium pattern, crystal front and rear capsule and adult nuclear pattern when using the rear reflective , Can be found in corneal epithelial or endothelial water, posterior corneal deposits, new blood vessels, mild scar, and crystal vacuoles and so on. When the angle of the edge of the edge of the light method, you can find very pale cornea on the cornea, such as blisters, perforation, scars, etc. When using indirect lighting method, you can observe the pupil sphincter, iris bleeding, iris and other blood vessels. At the same time slit lamp microscope can also be attached to the front mirror, contact lens and three mirror, with the examination of the retina peripheral, anterior chamber angle and the rear vitreous, the binocular observation can produce stereoscopic vision. Therefore, through the slit lamp microscope, can identify the wearing of soft contact lens contraindications for the wearer with appropriate soft corneal contact

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