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What Is An Autorefractor?
Aug 11, 2017

An automatic refractive device (sometimes referred to as an automatic refractive organ) is a device used to aid in the determination of vision during eye examination. Automatic indicators have been in use since 1970s. It is easy to become a popular diagnostic device because it is easy to use. An optometrist or ophthalmologist uses an automatic refractometer to check how the eyes deal with light. Using the device to identify refractive errors can help an ophthalmologist determine whether a person needs prescription glasses or contact lenses.

A traditional test using an auto refracting device takes only a few seconds. The patient sat with his chin on his chin. Check one photograph at a time. When the picture is ideally placed on the retina, the automatic refractometer prints out detailed readings of the visual acuity and the need for any type of corrective lens.

The exam is usually an exam where the patient looks at the photo and responds to the optometrist to see how clear or blurry the image is. The trial tried several lenses to further determine prescription intensity. In toddlers or developmental disabilities, the conversation can be difficult. In these cases, automatic refraction is considered the best method of determining light refraction, because it does not require the patient's oral response.


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