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What Does The Slit Lamp Mean To Check The Eyes?
Dec 07, 2017

In the physical examination, the slit lamp microscope is an essential instrument for the examination of the ophthalmology. Slit lamp microscope is made up of illumination system and binocular microscope. It can not only make the superficial lesions clearly observed, but also adjust the focus and light source width, and make "optical section", so that deep tissue lesions can also clearly appear.

The significance of the slit lamp inspection:

1. When a slit lamp is used to diffuse illumination, a comprehensive observation of the cornea, iris and crystal can be made by using a set of light and low magnification.

2, when using slit lamp direct illumination method, curvature and corneal thickness can be observed, there is no foreign body and posterior corneal deposits (KP), and the level and form of infiltration, ulcers and other lesions; focus backward observed pathological changes of lens opacities and vitreous body surface 1/3 as before; the cone of light, can check the particles in aqueous suspensions.

3, when slit lamp mirror reflector irradiation is used, we can carefully observe the tiny changes of the capsule before and after the cornea, such as the exfoliated cells on the tear film, the pattern of the corneal endothelium, the anterior and posterior capsule and the pattern on the adult nucleus.

4, when using slit lamp rear reflective irradiation, can be found in corneal epithelial edema and keratic precipitates, neovascularization, slight scar, and crystal cavity etc..

5. When the slit lamp angle is used to illuminate the cornea, the light opacity on the cornea can be found, such as thin pannus, blister, perforation, and scar.

6. When using the slit lamp indirect lighting method, the pupillary sphincter, the iris inner bleeding, the iris blood vessel and the corneal pannus can be observed. At the same time, slit lamp microscope can also attach anterior lens, contact lens and three mirror. It can produce stereoscopic vision through binocular observation with the peripheral retina, anterior chamber angle and posterior vitreous body.

The significance of the slit lamp to check the eyes is introduced here, and I hope it will help you. When you feel the eyes are not comfortable, dry, tears, red swelling and other conditions, should be in time to the hospital, the equipment is green without trauma, rapid detection speed. In the physical examination, do not easily ignore the examination of this project, now people use eyes overly, especially young people, the eye is very big. Therefore, we must pay attention to the inspection of the slit lamp.

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