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Visual System Examination Procedure For Optometry
Aug 04, 2017

1,basic inspection stage.

Slit lamp examination of the basic situation of the eye surface, corneal curvature meter to measure the cornea, if necessary, need to examine the fundus problems, test the degree of glasses previously worn, collect the basic data of the subject's eye refractive state. Objective to obtain the first patient data by retinoscopy optometry or computer. (often people rely too much on computer optometry, which is wrong. Because the computer optometry instrument is still not a substitute for manual retinoscopy, and is influenced by various kinds of factors, the specific circumstances can flexibly deal with every subjects (such as children, high myopia, adjust too strong etc.), computer optometry results can only be used as a preliminary reference).

2,photometric phase.

Based on the information in the first stage, subjective optometry, let the subjects respond to each tiny change of optical correction, optometrists make adjustments accordingly. This stage includes relaxation regulation (fog vision), myopia or hyperopia degree measurement, red green test, astigmatism axis and degree measurement, binocular balance, and so on. Because this step emphasizes the patient's subjective reaction, it can reflect the customer's refractive state, so it is called subjective refraction".

3, visual optometry stage. (visual optometry examination systematic, comprehensive evaluation of the visual function of patients often many problems, such as youth visual fatigue problems, teenagers degree of excessive growth, focusing on stereo vision dysfunction problems, and instability affects the deep-seated problems, through the detection of patients at this stage can be found, can be trained and the corresponding treatment. To solve the problem fundamentally. Optometry is the most important part of optometry process

Visual optometry requires measurements of three levels of visual function, distance between eyes, range of accommodation, accommodation, positive and negative relative accommodation, and so on. These tests are critical, need optical knowledge and practical experience, of course, is also very easy to be ignored optometrists detection project.

4, through the fourth stage: try wearing test, according to the subject's reaction, optometrists and then make appropriate adjustment, then consider the subjects of diopter, eye position, wearing glasses, draw the most suitable prescription and the corresponding visual training requirements. This prescription is not only the patient's vision clear, comfortable wearing glasses, eyes can coordinate, lasting reading and work, this stage is the organic combination of optometrists scientific analysis, judgment and experience.

The above is a detailed description of the current optometry visual system examination, through the complete process of inspection, we need to deal with each patient's different circumstances. This is every man's duty and obligation of optometry.

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