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Ultrasound Biomicroscopic Diagnosis Of Scleral Foreign Microbodies
Sep 27, 2017


Investigate the role of ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) in diagnosing scleral foreign microbodies (SFMBs). Methods The characteristics of 26 cases of traumatic patients with SFMBs diagnosed by slit lamp microscope (SLM) or UBM were analyzed. Results SFMBs were divided into four categories. Class Ⅰ (10 cases) was more than 0.2mm, opaque in most cases, diagnosed by SLM and UBM; Class Ⅱ (8 cases) was less than 0.2mm, opaque or translucent, diagnosed by SLM, but not by UBM; Class Ⅲ (6 cases)was more than 0.2mm, transparent or translucent, diagnosed by UBM, but not by conventional SLM; Class Ⅳ (2 cases) was less than 0.2mm, transparent or translucent, found by high-resolution SLM, but not by UBM and conventional SLM. Conclusions UBM is a valuable adjunct for diagnosing SFMBs which are more than 0.2mm, even substitute operative exploration

How to look after and care for a slit lamp

The slit lamp is an essential and often used diagnostic instrument in ophthalmology. It provides illumination and magnification for the examination of many structures of the anterior segment. With complementary lenses, it is also used to examine the chamber angle and a significant part of the retina. Its name derives from the fact that a narrow slit of light is used to illuminate the various structures being examined.By following these simple suggestions, you can ensure that a slit lamp performs optimally and remains functional for longer.

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