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The Use Of Portable Slit Lamp In The Medical Rescue Of Earthquake Casualties
Oct 24, 2017

 Earthquake relief medical team in Dujiangyan earthquake disaster area using portable slit lamp diagnosis and treatment of 237 cases of eye disease experience on May 14 - July 8, 2008.Methods 237 cases of eye disease patients with portable slit lamp to check and make a diagnosis. 21 cases of conjunctivitis, 19 cases of conjunctival foreign body, 13 cases of pterygium, 27 cases of keratitis, corneal ulcer in 11 cases, cornea, cornea, cornea, cornea, cornea, cornea Foreign body in 62 cases, corneal injury in 24 cases, 7 cases of anterior chamber hemorrhage, iridocyclitis in 16 cases, glaucoma in 5 cases, cataract in 8 cases of 25 cases of conjunctival foreign body, 62 cases of corneal foreign body were hand-held slit lamp , No corneal perforation and infection, the correction of corneal healing is good.Conclusion The use of portable slit lamp can not only make the correct diagnosis of anterior segment disease, but also help the conjunctiva, corneal foreign body for timely treatment. Portable slit lamp is earthquake relief medical Team ophthalmologist is the most convenient and practical medical equipment.

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