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The Similarities And Differences Of State For Close And Far Astigmastism Tested With Phoropter In The Middle Aged And Elderly People
Sep 28, 2017

Exploring the clinical characteristic of fitting the presbyopia lenses by observing the similarities and difference of state for close and far astigmastism tested with phoropter in the middle aged and elderly people.Methods

Checking the refractive error in 120 patients (240 eyes) ranging 45-70 years old for the near (33 cm) and far (5 m) distances with auto-refracter,retinal refractor and phoropter to get the results of the MPMVA,compared the

similarities and differences of state of astigmastism for the near (33 cm) and far (5 m) distance.Results One hundred and nity-eight eyes stayed in the same state of astigmastism with prescriptions for close and far

diopter,and the proportion was 82.5%;42 eyes stayed in different state of astigmastism and the proportion was 17.5%;the differences of state for close and far astigrnastism mainly scattered diopter was 40 eyes

and the proportion was 95.2%,but different astigmastism axial accounted was 4.8% (2 eyes).Monocular intraocular lens showed that there was no difference in astigmastism for close and far distance.

Conclusions The astigmatism state test with phoropter in the middle aged and elderly people for close and far distance is not completely consistent,the difference may be associated with accommodation,fitting presbyopia

glasses in the clinical,the choice of astigmatism for near distance should not completely according to the state of astigmatism for far distance,and should be tested with phoropter.

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