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The Research Of Measuring Ocoulomotor Function By Phoroptrr To Determine The Optometry Method In Juvenile Myopes
Sep 28, 2017

Studying the relationship between ocoulomotor function response and the optometry method with phoroptrr in juvenile myopes. Methods From January, 2006 to February, 2008, 208 juvenile myopes between 7-14 years old were included in this study.

After the CAMP was determined, the o-coulomotor function including BCC, PRA, NRA was measured with HUVTTZ MRK-3100 auto refract ker-atometer and HUVTTZ CRT-4000 phoroptor.

Cycloplegic eye drops were used for 3 days, then do the examinations again and subjective refraction with phoroptor, CAMP states were determined and recorded.

Results The CAMP diopter before and after cycloplegia was calculated, compared the difference between before and after cycloplegia under the different BCC, PRA, NRA values.

It was necessary for the juvenile myopes whose BCC<+0.25D, PRA>-1.75D, NRA<+1.75D, NRA>+2.25D to do the cycloplegia optometry examinations.

Conclusions The ocoulomotor function measured by phoroptor for juvenile myopes has important clinical indicating significance to determine the optometry method.

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