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The Recent Fire Of The Visual Psychological Test, Quasi To Terrible! Dare To Test?
Aug 11, 2017

1, the following picture you first see is the girl or the old woman?


This is the psychological age of the test.

The first to see the girl, the psychological age than the actual physiological age to be young.

At first glance to see the old woman, psychological age is greater than the actual physiological age.

2, the following picture you first see is the people or arrows?


99% of people first saw the people, more emotional.

1% of the people first saw the arrow, very rare, very rational!

3, you first see this picture of the time, more blue or more orange


Blue more, it shows that you are now very healthy.

If the yellow or orange is relatively high, that you are now in a state of fatigue, you should take a break.

4、The stronger your mental endurance, the slower the picture will be.


If you see the picture still, congratulations, your heart is very strong! Psychological test

5, eye big test - you can see the bald face?


3 seconds to find: right brain developed, better than ordinary people;

60 seconds to find: right brain normal;

1 minute to 3 minutes to find: right brain slow response, should be more intake of meat protein;

3 minutes or more to find: right brain development is slow, it is recommended that you look at the cartoon to help the normal development of the right brain

6, the following figure you can see the baby?


First to see the baby's feet: you do things very much concerned about the details of the transaction;

First to see the baby's head: you do things care about the details of the transaction, the overall grasp of the lack of;

First to see the baby as a whole: you can do things to grasp the whole, the overall situation to consider more comprehensive;

Can not see the baby: do things too self-study seriously.

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