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The Application Of Smartphone Camera In Slit-lamp Biomicroscope Photography
Sep 19, 2017

The application of smartphone camera in slit-lamp biomicroscope photography.Methods Eye relief and dimensions of the oculus of the biomicroscope were measured.An adapter was prepared for attachment between the oculus and the camera with materials on-hand.With selfmade devices for background and diffuse illumination,high-quality photographs of the anterior segment were captured through the screen of the smartphone.

The images are organized and stored in database.Physicianphysician and patient-physician communication were conducted via WiFi and internet if necessary.Results The self-made adapter is compatible with slit-lamp eyepiece,allowing for more rapid attachment and centration.The images obtained through smartphone were satisfactory in clarity,color rendition and contrast,which could clearly display the details of anterior segment and the features of the diseases.

Conclusion Images captured by a smartphone camera with 5-8 megapixels could meet the clinical demand and enrich the clinical data,which also serves to conduct physician-physician and patient-physician communication in convenience.Slit-lamp photography with the aid of a self-made adapter could be quickly spread due to its low-cost and easy attachment.

The agreement of anterior chamber angle examination by slit lamp optical coherence tomography (SL-OCT) and gonioscope.Methods Twenty-six patients with primary glaucoma (52 eyes) and 16 normal persons (32 eyes) were included.Anterior chamber angle was measured with SL-OCT and gonioscope in turns for temporal,nasal,superior and inferior quadrant.Results of two methods were analyzed and the data were analyzed with Pearson correlation coefficient and Kappa value.Results The Pearson Helation coefficient of the two methods was 0.86 (P =0.00) and the Kappa value was 0.75 (P=0.00).

The specificity and sensitivity of detecting occludable angle were 94.7% and 89.4%.Conclusions Anterior chamber angle examination with SL-OCT and gonioscope are well consistent.The specificity and sensitivity for SL-OCT in detecting occludable angle is satisfying.SL-OCT can be regard as an objective assistant method for the diagnosis of angle closure glaucoma.

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