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Structure And Use Of Ophthalmic Slit Lamp
Sep 19, 2017

Slit lamp structure consists of three parts:Lighting system;Amplification system;Platform  

Part of the lighting system

1.Light source: lamp cover, lamp12V 50W Halogen lamp), Lamp holders.

2.Filter rod: light, heat, dimmer(Filter), No red light green light (green light to facilitate observation of blood vessels)

, CobaltBlue light (fluorescent observation)

3.Glossy: Controls the height of the slit lamp0.2-8)

4.Fissure Rotary Handle: Can change the light band of the slit lamp (horizontal, oblique, vertical)

5.Projector: the light source through the filter rod to the light bar after the injection.

6.Mirror: Mirror that changes the light source.

7.Directional Center Knob: Loose to rotate left and right10-15degree.

8.Front button: Press the button to make the light shoot up.

9.Fracture width adjustment knob:0-8) Any optional width.

10.Guide plate: sliding front mirror with.

11.Dial: adjust the angle, can display the angle between the microscope wall and the slit wall.

12.Fixing screws: Fix the lamp wall and mirror wall


 General observation and order

1.Eyelid (with or without nodules, swelling, defects and other phenomena)

2.Eyelid (with or without swelling, oil secretion, scales, ulcers, etc.)

3.Eyelashes (health and growth direction with or without trumpet)

4.Conjunctiva(So that the subject's eye level rotation,

In the left As the right when the full exposure of the lateral conjunctiva,Sclera and tears Fu With or without congestion, blepharoplasty, pterygium, etc.)

5.Palpebral conjunctiva (nipples, green foams, congestion, stones, edema, etc.)

6.Tears small point (squeeze the dacry to see if there is purulent discharge)

7.Cornea (with or without damage to new blood vessels, edema, scars, transparency)

8.Cornea margin

9.Anterior chamber (whether there is inflammatory cells and exudative sediments, hematopoietic pus, etc.)

10.Iris (color and texture)

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