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Smartphone Eyepiece Success Rate Can Be Greatly Improved
Oct 26, 2017

These days take the mobile phone's photo function to do gimmicks of various ads, in fact,Smartphone Eyepiece a lot of people are accustomed to, also numb. Whenever you can dig up a bit of concept, absolutely pedal to the nose. Direct vs. SLR PK's articles were there a few years earlier. A long time, some users really believe. The picture quality has been blown over the SLR, the user has been tired, in order to find a new exciting point, focus and start to fry.

The technical name is just the same principle and does not represent the same result. The same is the phase of focus, mobile phones and SLR is a completely different, before the manufacturers to play 0.3 seconds of extreme focus such a description, now another 0.1 seconds,Smartphone Eyepiece this is to kill SLR camera? It is said that the contrast focus is slow, but Panasonic's high refresh rate contrast focus can get very fast focus speed, even faster than most SLR cameras.

The phase focus module of the traditional SLR camera is independent, at the bottom. Light from the lens, in the role of the reflector, to the upper refraction of the part, into five prism and then through the eyepiece to view, another part of the light, through the reflector downward refraction, into the lower phase detection sensor. In the real-time scene, in order to sensor can receive imaging,Smartphone Eyepiece the reflector lifted up, so AF module can not work, only contrast focus.

The phase focus requires a separate sensor, but the technology is not static, and a few years ago, the micro-single camera has done the focus sensor implanted imaging sensors, and later appeared in the mobile phone camera is the first to bear the brunt.

In contrast focus, although the focus speed is slow relative to the phase focus, we can pinpoint the focus and take pictures at any point we want to focus on. In the phase focus, because of technical reasons, phase focus will only select the picture of the foreground of focus,Smartphone Eyepiece if this time we want to take a picture of the prospect of virtual focus of real Coke, the shortcomings of the phase focus is reflected.

At the same time in the photo of the dark environment, the success rate of the phase focus is significantly lower than the contrast-focused, because in the light is not good environment, the subject of the object is not very clear,Smartphone Eyepiece so want to mirror group instantaneous push to the appropriate position is almost impossible, Contrast-type focus can be in front and rear to push the mirror group of the process of continuous correction, although the speed will be relatively slow, but the success rate of focus can be greatly improved.

Because the focal length does not match, the camera of the mobile phone cannot be directly docked on the microscope eyepiece.

Here is a direct shot of the picture, the image is only a small area of the center:

To have a good shot effect,Smartphone Eyepiece the focal length between the cell phone and the microscope eyepiece must be adjusted. You need to make your own phone racks and eyepiece connectors.

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