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Smartphone Eyepiece Modern Technology Is Getting Better And Better
Jun 01, 2017

Smartphone Eyepiece Thermal imaging technology is the object of the human eye is not visible infrared energy into a visible thermal image. The different colors on the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the measured object. Thermal imaging not only exhibits the temperature distribution visually, but also the specific temperature values.

Professional thermal imaging technology is expensive but widely used, soldiers can use this technology to find the dark objects, firefighters can use the technology in the smoke to see the object. Because of its intuitive features, high-end scientific image creation also often use this technology to interpret the temperature-related phenomena and scientific laws.

Smart mobile era, mobile phone thermal imaging camera came into being, cost hundreds of dollars to buy the cost, download the app can try funny hot imaging photography. Mobile thermal imaging camera looks small, easy to use, generally through the microUSB, Lightning and other data interfaces to connect the smart phone, open the matching app, you can start the thermal imaging shooting.

Smartphone Eyepiece At present, the mainstream thermal imaging camera can read -40 ~ 330 ℃ thermal image, and the screen shows the hot spot temperature. The resolution of the sensor is 206 × 156 pixels, although its imaging clarity can not be compared with professional thermal imaging equipment, but used to distinguish objects in the dark is a very interesting thing, especially in the shooting and temperature-related physics, Chemical topics, can effectively enrich the scientific image creation means, intuitive display of hidden scientific mysteries. As the mobile phone thermal imaging camera imaging resolution is low, the imaging effect mostly color blocks, so the choice of shooting subject matter, should try to avoid more details of the subject.

Smartphone Eyepiece Photographic photography, as the name suggests, is the painting of light for the creation of photography to complete the creation of photographic photography to the light source for the pen to the camera's photosensitive element for the drawing board, recorded in a unit of time the light source of the trajectory, the use of light for the environment or target Objects caused by contrast, emphasizing the artistic effect.

Smartphone Eyepiece The creation of light painting works, require shooting equipment with long exposure function, for the general smart phone, because the aperture is constant, the exposure time adjustment range is limited, it can not shoot light painted works.

Smartphone Eyepiece  But with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone developers through the development of photography app way to bypass the phone hardware for the aperture shutter restrictions, by adding electronic aperture, you can simulate the change in aperture size, and the introduction of the camera B door mode, you can manually Adjust the exposure time, the longest infinite long exposure, making the phone with a light-painted function. Now more and more mobile photography app comes with light-painted photography mode, no function of the phone can download the app implementation.

As the light painting takes a long time exposure, it must be in the dark room, night or dim light environment, the shooting process generally need to use a tripod to fix the phone. Flashlights, fireworks, fluorescent sticks, LED lights and even mobile phone screen can be used as a brush, in addition to the use of different colors of light source, to create a different Smartphone Eyepiece light painting effect. Completed these three aspects of preparation, you can carry out the light painting.

Smartphone Eyepiece Many domestic and foreign image lovers, fans gave us a great inspiration, such as the introduction of high-speed mobile phone technology before the article mentioned, foreign users use cardboard or even 3D printing technology to produce a stable flight capacity of the mobile phone shooting module , To achieve a 360-degree mobile phone around the high-speed shooting, shooting similar to the Hollywood blockbuster need to use a lot of CG technology to achieve the "bullet time" scene, the effect is amazing.

Smartphone Eyepiece Not only that, the phone has also been catching hot air balloon through the sky, wearing waterproof clothing roaming underwater ... ... divergent inspiration, boundless imagination for mobile phone photography to bring more, more casual, more personalized viewing perspective, mobile app , Accessories, DIY devices with the use of clever use can create unexpected shooting effect. Teachers, students can jump out of the equipment of the threshold, the shackles of thinking, do not rigidly adhere to the equipment upgrades, skills, carving, try to look at the world for a different perspective, thinking about life.

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