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Smartphone Eyepiece Aiming At The Workpiece And Measuring The Angle,
Aug 03, 2017

Commercially available ordinary Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece is generally 30 million pixels, or interpolated as high image, the effect is flat. While the high-performance Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece, the high price on the operating software complex. For the use of fewer, less demanding companies or families, you can use the camera with a camera to take pictures of the microscope. The following describes the production process. 

As the focal length does not match, the camera's camera can not be directly docked on the microscope Smartphone Eyepiece.

The following is a direct picture of the picture, the image is only a small area of the center:

To have a good shooting effect, you must adjust the focus between the phone and the microscope Smartphone Eyepiece focus. Need to make their own appropriate mobile phone rack and Smartphone Eyepiece tube.

500 million or more like a camera phone, with a handle Φ3mm screw 2 (computer chassis back to the screw);

Mobile phone common folder (TB online purchase):

Commercially available mobile phone universal clip, claiming to be able to pick astronomical telescope, microscope, the actual effect is very poor, easy to fall, need a little transformation.

Plastic tube function is to transfer tube, in the above hit two Φ3mm screw hole, used to fix the transfer tube.

Place the plastic hose on the microscope tube:

Fix the adapter tube to the phone holder:

For monocular microscope, do not insert the self-made Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece before the first adjustment of the microscope to see the effect, and then insert the self-made Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece, for the transfer tube up and down to achieve the best results, and then lock the transfer tube, after , To change the object position observation, only to adjust the microscope stage and the thickness of focus, no longer adjust the location of the Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece.

For binocular microscopes, you can adjust the shooting while observing with eyes.

The following is a picture of an integrated circuit taken with an Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece. This IC is produced in the 34th week of 1992, model C544B, peeled the package and saw the internal structure:

Shooting the picture, the original size ratio, posting a compressed. When shooting, by adjusting the transfer tube distance, you can choose the full shot:

More than 5 million camera phone performance is much higher than the average Smartphone Smartphone Eyepiece effect, the phone comes with the image of intelligent processing procedures, in most cases will shoot a good picture, in some cases, you can manually adjust the shooting parameters. Moreover, mobile phone sharing fast and convenient transmission, is the biggest advantage.

With a mobile phone to take a micro picture, the cost of spending very little, everyone will operate, for those who do not often take pictures of micro images, is a simple and easy way.

Inside the Smartphone Eyepiece there is a rotatable reticle (Figure 1), engraved with a radius of different standard arc. When used, these arcs are used as templates and are aligned with the circular contours on the DUT. Use should pay attention to the reticle on the marked magnification requirements.

Eyegrated Smartphone Eyepiece is one of the universal tool microscope accessories, is also the most commonly used an Smartphone Eyepiece, its role is aimed at the workpiece and measuring angle. Aiming at the workpiece is a meter word line on the plate of the word word line, measuring the angle is measured with the meter word line measured profile, through the dial reading.

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