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Slit Lamp Microscope For Corneal Endothelial Cell Morphology Evaluation
Aug 30, 2017

Objective To study the application of slit lamp microscope in evaluation of the cornea endothelial cell morphology , in order to guide clinical diagnosis and treatment .Methods We chose 10 patients who showed endothelial cell morphological variation and decreased number (<700/mm2 ) under non-contact corneal endothelial cell count instru-ment examination , and 12 patients with normal count and morphology of corneal endothelial cells at Shandong Eye Hospital from January to June 2013.Results With slit lamp microscope (40x) mirror reflective irradiation, corneal endothelial cells can be visualized in all patients .In patients with decrease number of endothelial cells , those cells have larger diameter and visible deformation and fusion;this is consistent with the results of endothelial counter .In contrast, small hexagonal endothelial cells were visible in normal subjects under slit lamp microscope , and cell boundaries were hard to identified when cell count is large .When slit lamp microscope magnification reduced to 16x, the endothelial cells still can be ob-served in the patients whose endothelial cells'number were less than 700/mm2, but not in normal subjects .Conclusion The use of a slit lamp microscope mirror reflective irradiation to observe the corneal endothelial cell morphology and density is an effective and efficient clinical technique .

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