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Slit Lamp Maintenance
Jul 27, 2017

1, slit lamp microscope is a precision instrument, usually, the instrument should be placed in a well ventilated, dry environment, the relative humidity of not more than 50% of the indoor, otherwise the metal parts of the instrument coating and optical parts have a negative impact on the surface The

2, slit lamp magnification of the optical lens is to ensure the normal use of the key instruments, be sure to keep clean. When the lens is dusty, you can use the dust in the spare parts to brush the dust gently; if the lens is oil, you can use skim cotton dipped in 60% alcohol and 40% ether mixture gently wipe, remove the oil.

3, the surface of the optical lens should be avoided with the hands and other parts of the body contact, because the body of sweat and grease will directly affect the quality of the surface of the optical parts of the most; if the operation is not touched after contact with the timely wipe clean to ensure that the lens Can be used for a long time.

4, the instrument's condenser above the easy accumulation of dust, can be removed under the lamp cover and lamp holder, with a brush pen dust gently brush to ensure that the instrument in the normal work of the light source quality.

5, the instrument on the base of the movement of the axis of the forest in the outside should always wipe clean and evenly coated with a layer of very thin lubricants to keep it smooth; otherwise easy to rust or contaminated dirt and directly affect the instrument Flexible operation.

6. When moving the instrument, tighten the fastening bolts on the moving base, slit lamp arm and microscope arm to prevent the instrument from out of the rails during operation or to lose the center of gravity of the instrument. The instruments should be released in normal use when the three bolts.

7, after the use of the instrument should be put on the instrument in time to prevent foreign dust to prevent dust and dirt.

8, instruments and spare optical parts (or accessories) should be stored in a desiccant drying tank with preservation.

9, before using the instrument, please pay attention to whether the local power supply to meet the requirements of the power supply of the instrument.

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