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Slit Lamp Industry Development Pattern Will Remain Stable
May 12, 2017

From the Slit Lamp production technology with the availability of view, China proposed to reduce the tax rate, accelerate equipment depreciation and free land and other preferential measures. The plan is equivalent to encouraging domestic Slit Lamp manufacturers to expand production capacity, which will also lead to many new competitors. From China Taiwan and South Korea's Slit Lamp manufacturers are also actively into the Chinese mainland market, to promote the increase in production capacity factors.

Lighting market is the first to activate the outdoor large-angle lighting, such as street lamps, billboard lights and so on. Indoor lighting will be activated first long-term lighting applications, including tunnels, supermarkets, factories, shopping malls, office buildings. Most commercial lighting markets are expected to be activated. Home lighting is mainly high-end customers, concentrated in the apartment, villas and other high-end residential.

As Slit Lamp products and technology tend to the same, in the next 3-5 years, Slit Lamp lighting products will gradually standardized, standardized, become conventional products, and this time will gradually usher in the Slit Lamp industry, the big reshuffle. Slit Lamp industry will be the same as other industries, there are brands, technology, capital strength of the enterprise will be based on the Slit Lamp industry, and some low-end, no-name enterprises can only survive in the slit. Of course, there are some enterprises to take a narrow market line to a large share of small market access to survival and development space.

Relative to the traditional lighting products, in the next period of time, Slit Lamp industry development pattern will remain stable, still the channel is king, which is the inevitable trend of the development of the lighting industry. When an industry to a certain stage, the reshuffle is a promotion. For a business is also the case, the development of enterprises to a certain scale and then go up will encounter a variety of bottlenecks.

It is understood that the current domestic Slit Lamp business is encouraged by the government to support, through the Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Shenzhen Universiade and the "ten city ten thousand" and other rapid development. The next Slit Lamp lighting as a new energy-saving light source, quickly recognized by consumers, into the homes of ordinary people, the bottleneck is a breakthrough product categories, specifications, prices, brands, marketing model, channel construction.

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