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Several Checking Methods Of Slit Lamp
Jun 24, 2017

There are several ways to check the slit lamp:

1, diffuse illumination: can roughly examine conjunctiva, cornea, sclera and other anterior tissue

2, direct black spot illumination method: may observe the illumination area pathological change carefully

3. Rear illumination: examination of the tissue of the anterior part of the tissue, used for examination of the transparent tissue.

4. Specular illumination

5, corneal fate light illumination method

6 indirect lighting method.

1., so that customers put good posture, eyes straight ahead. The optometrist adjusts the position of the slit lamp lens. Start checking and recording time.

2. slit lamp inspection by extroversion within the basic inspection order is:

Eyelid Eyelashes - - - eyelid lacrimal apparatus - conjunctiva - conjunctiva - conjunctival sac - corneoscleral limbus cornea, anterior chamber - tear - - - - the pupil iris and anterior chamber angle after real - lens

Check order: first right eye, left eye. The average time of eye examination is 120 seconds, and further examination should be done if there is any specific problem.


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