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Research On Small-Type And High-Spectral-Resolution Grating Monochromator
Sep 20, 2017

Monochromator is the necessary equipment for spectral imager to calibrate the spectrum continuously .In order to cali‐brate the hyperspectral imaging spectrometer continuously ,a small‐type and high‐spectral‐resolution grating monochromator is designed .The grating monochromator with horizontal Czerny‐Turner structure is designed with high‐spectral‐resolution as a starting point ,and the design idea is discussed in detail from choosing the grating ,calculating the focal length ,the sizes of en‐trance slit and exit slit ,among others .Using this method ,the necessary structure parameters are determined ,and the impact of the necessary structure parameters for spectral resolution and volume is given .According to the optical characteristics of the grating monochromator ,the mechanical structures of the instrument are designed for small and handy from the components of the entrance slit ,the collimator lens and imaging objective lens ,the scanning structures ,the fuselage and so on .The relation‐ship of the sine mechanism parameters for output wavelength and wavelength scanning accuracy is given .The design and adjust‐ment of the instrument are completed .The visible spectrums of mercury lamp are used as calibration lines ,and the calibration curve is acquired by using least square method .This paper gives a method that combining the limit error of the step number and the calibration curve to evaluate the wavelength repeatability and wavelength precision .The datum of experiment shows that the spectral resolution of the instrument is better than 0.1 nm in the wavelength band from 400 to 800 nm .Simultaneously the wave‐length repeatability reach to ± 0.096 6 nm and the precision reach to ± 0.096 9 nm .

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