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Research On Corneal Measurement And Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Based On Slit Lamp Scanning
Sep 29, 2017

The geometrical features of the cornea have a very important role in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases. Accurate corneal features not only contribute to the development of surgical procedures, but also predict and analyze the effect of surgery before corneal surgery with refractive correction.

With the development of digital image processing technology and computer analysis technology, it is possible to obtain corneal feature information by computer for corneal image acquisition and analysis.

In this paper, a single-frame or continuous image acquisition is realized by using the computer for corneal image acquisition and playback. The edge detection of the Canny edge detection operator is based on the characteristics of the cornea image.

The method of automatic analysis and analysis of the anterior segment image is designed to distinguish the cornea and iris reflex zones. The method of clustering and fitting is proposed to classify and fit the obtained edge points to realize the automatic extraction of corneal data.

Based on the "head cap method" model image registration method, the three - dimensional morphological model was reconstructed by using the corneal fissure micrograph sequence.

On the basis of the theoretical research, the corneal image acquisition analysis and the three - dimensional reconstruction system were developed.

In this paper, the error analysis of the system is carried out, and the error source and solution method which affects the measurement accuracy are put forward, and constructive suggestions are put forward for the improvement of the system

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