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Presbyopia And Presbyance Of The Optometry Instrument Optometry
Sep 29, 2017

Presbyopia (presbyopia), commonly known as the old flower, is a kind of physiological phenomenon, with age, eye regulation decreased, causing near-sighted, this phenomenon is called presbyopia.

Presbyopia diagnostic criteria: The degree of adjustment has been reduced to the extent of difficult to see or uncomfortable. Wear convex lens so that the near point of the eye to the habit of working distance is the most safe and effective way to correct presbyopia.

Comprehensive opthalmic phoropter/refractor using multiple sets of lenses and optometry With the use of the refractive state of the human eye can be detected, and thus accurate presbyopia of the optometry in the adjustment mechanism hypothesis on the old phenomenon of the interpretation of the relationship between the adjustment of age, presbyopic symptoms and treatment and comprehensive refractor/phoropter in The application of presbyopia in several aspects of the review.

Optometry method is divided into objective optometry and the main refraction, and the standard of the main optometry should be carried out in a comprehensive refractor/phoropter. Comprehensive refractor/phoropter is a combination of various test lenses together, not only for optometry, but also for the latitude and other visual function of the test. By regulating the subjective optometry, can reduce the impact of regulatory factors, to achieve the best corrected visual acuity, and get balance of eye balance.

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