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Phone Eyepiece Adapter Improve The Stability, Safety Factor
Jul 14, 2017

The nominal voltage of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter usually refers to the voltage in the absence of any load and no current output, that is, the open output voltage. Can be simply understood as the maximum value of the output voltage of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter. The quality of the power products on the market is uneven, such as the use of low-cost small transformers specially used in Walkman products, usually by the traditional core transformer, four rectifier diode bridge rectifier, a large filter capacitor, such a power supply Ordinary DC voltmeter measured voltage value will be greater than the nominal voltage. Because the output of the bridge rectifier is pulsating DC, simply a time chain of a positive half cycle of a sinusoidal voltage signal, it becomes flat after large capacitance filtering, but the ripple factor is still large (ripple factor Is the amplitude of the voltage signal fluctuation ratio with the voltage average, the smaller the voltage closer to the DC).

For the internal use of the active voltage regulator unit or voltage reference element of the case, in general, the use of high resistance of the DC voltmeter can be directly measured the nominal voltage (more accurate should be used electromotive force bridge method, belonging to the University of ordinary physics Even if the mains voltage fluctuates, the output is also a steady constant value; the so-called nominal voltage refers to the voltage on the time integral and then divided by the integration time, a simple understanding is the time The average value, if measured with an ordinary DC voltmeter, the measured value is very close to the maximum value of the voltage signal, so not measured. At the same time, if the mains fluctuate, the output of such power will also change.

Generally speaking, the true no-load voltage of the ordinary Phone Eyepiece Adapter is not necessarily the same as the nominal voltage, because the characteristics of the electronic components can not be completely consistent, so allow a certain error, the civilian situation according to the needs of the need to control 0.1% %about. The smaller the error, the higher the consistency requirements for electronic components, the higher the cost of industrial production, the price of course, the more expensive.

What components does the Phone Eyepiece Adapter consist of?

For just contact the power industry friends, the first question asked is: Phone Eyepiece Adapter inside the structure is what kind of? What components are components? With the development of modern society, electronic equipment is no longer cumbersome, so that microelectronics came into being, its Phone Eyepiece Adapter in the design of the performance requirements of a more complete, the appearance of light and beautiful, higher power and efficiency, and to modern intelligence In line. For a Phone Eyepiece Adapter factory for two years in the staff, these issues are basically able to understand through the eighty into. The following brief description of the main components of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter components.

In general, the product tag of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter should contain important information to guide the user to install and use correctly. The safety of the product's personal and property users basically depends on the information marked by the product to ensure that the correct product clearly Very meaningful and protective effect. Marking requires durability and eye-catching (laser labels are a good choice), in the daily life of the frequent use of the mark should not fall off, and the content should remain clear and recognizable. The most basic requirement for the domestic Phone Eyepiece Adapter product is to use the Simplified Chinese logo. The information to be marked contains at least the correct name, brand mark or identification mark of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter manufacturer or distributor; the code, model and specification of the product , Such as the size and weight of the product, etc. The nature of the power supply includes the rated supply voltage and current range. If the information is not complete, can not correctly guide the use of consumers, and some may even misuse and damage with the electronic equipment, the common problem is no Chinese logo, no name or trademark, model code or model specifications.

The mark should contain one of the basic measures to ensure that the user is properly installed and used, and that the correct marking of the product is a measure to ensure the safety of the user's personal property. Marking requirements durable and eye-catching, after normal use should not be marked after the fall, the contents should be cleaned and discernible Domestic sales of products require Chinese simplified logo, at least should contain the following information: the name of the manufacturer or dealer, trademark or identification mark; model code or model specifications; power nature; rated power supply voltage range. If the information is not complete, can not correctly guide the use of consumers, and some may even misuse and damage with the electronic equipment, the common problem is no Chinese logo, no name or trademark, model code or model specifications.

Some common questions about the Phone Eyepiece Adapter

With the modern life of electronic products more and more common in today's society occupies a large market, the rapid development of electronic products, its surrounding accessories will be more and more, of course, less the most important Phone Eyepiece Adapter. But for this obscure thing, many people are not very understanding, probably only know that is used to charge, the principle of its work is to understand very little As the application of the Phone Eyepiece Adapter is relatively wide, we have to say that the Phone Eyepiece Adapter is a common problem that we often come into contact with some of the things, the most common is the notebook.

The first problem is the voltage and current problems, I believe the user will play the notebook will pay attention to the Phone Eyepiece Adapter above the voltage and current values. In fact, the value marked above is not loaded with the voltage value, can be simply understood as no current output when a maximum voltage limit. Why should we set up this, mainly in order to be able to maintain the output voltage to the books when it is a constant value, improve stability, safety factor will increase a lot, but also can effectively extend the life of the machine. Here is the current that the device can withstand the maximum current value, and more than will be possible to burn out.

Second is to say that the second question, the same nominal voltage, the current is not the same circumstances, can be used in the same laptop above. The answer is no, in fact, this is mainly to see the resistance. If the resistance within the scope of adaptation to nothing. But once more than the resistance will happen to burn the computer problem. This is like we also open a lot of electrical appliances will burn the same fuse, the so-called fuse is a resistance, when the current is too large, the resistance can not adapt, the problem came out.

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