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Phone Eyepiece Adapter Combined With More Stable
Aug 15, 2017

The main focus of photography, you can SLR camera body directly connected to the telescope, that is not the telescope eyepiece and camera lens, direct connection, this time the telescope is equivalent to a long lens. The advantage of this type of photography is that the magnification is relatively low,Phone Eyepiece Adapter so the image brightness is higher, and the exposure time can be minimized, which is the preferred way to shoot deep space weak stars, and also the most popular way in astronomical photography. Short focal length telescopes require shorter exposure times than long focal lengths telescopes, and long focal lengths telescopes such as Schmidt-Cassegrain can also become short focal lengths by adding an attachment called "focal reducer".

In general, high magnification telescopes such as Schmidt-Marcithtovs and Maksutovs are needed if they want high-quality images of deep space stars, because they have Longer focal length,Phone Eyepiece Adapter so it can be converted to higher magnification. On any telescope, a common technique to increase the magnification by increasing the focal length is to place the magnifying glass in the telescope first before adding the camera adapter and the camera. So before receiving the camera can be followed by a 2x magnifying lens, which can improve the focal length and magnification.

If you are a beginner, there is no camera, you may wish to focus on the next CCD imager. CCD imager changed astronomical photography. Here CCDs are called "imagers" instead of "cameras" because they can not store images like cameras. In contrast, the CCD imager transfers the image directly to the computer, allowing the computer to directly capture, store, and manipulate the image. CCD imaging has many advantages. In addition to the digital advantage, you can use the CCD to get something called "stacking". In the "stack" technology,Phone Eyepiece Adapter the CCD imager takes a series of snapshots, and then an image is superimposed on the top of the next image by the computer. The exposure time of the CCD imager is usually much shorter. Thanks to CCD imager, making astronomical photography has never been so simple, and now many CCD than digital SLR cameras are also affordable.

In order to more quickly and accurately align the telescope at the camera, some adapters, or adapter rings, are connected to the camera, and the first adapter connects the camera directly to the eyepiece of the telescope because most of the cameras were still Equipped with a thread for the installation of the lens and the camera accessories, all you need to do is find a suitable adapter ring, one side matching the telescope,Phone Eyepiece Adapter the other side matching the camera, the target is simple, but finding a suitable adapter ring is not easy.

 In the past few years, digital products have changed dramatically, digital cameras, digital cameras, etc. become small portable, many devices have no threads, so the need to develop new technology will be a small camcorder docked to the telescope above, such an adapter Known as a universal adapter, a universal adapter can match any type of digital device of any size and connect it to a telescope. The adapter is not directly connected to the camera's eyepiece and telescope eyepiece, it is only the camera fixed in front of the telescope eyepiece, which greatly simplifies the use of the adapter.

Universal adapter is generally two types,Phone Eyepiece Adapter the first is actually an adjustable bracket, one end of the eyepiece in the telescope above, the other end is an adjustable platform with a tripod stud, the camera connected to the platform, and adjust Its distance from the eyepiece. This type of adapter is relatively inexpensive.

For digital SLR cameras or larger digital devices, you need to be more stable, then you need a second type of universal adapter, this adapter will be fixed at the same time the camera and telescope, this combination is more stable.

Now the small digital camera is not installed lens thread, and how to know if your camera has a spiral, if your camera lens is scalable, for example,Phone Eyepiece Adapter you shut down, the lens will be indented inside the camera body, 95% Thread, do not worry that the lens will touch the eyepiece of the telescope, because the adapter is adjustable from the beginning, you can start the lens to the longest and fixed, and then adjust.

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