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Parameter Of Anterior Chamber Angle In Normal Volunteers By Examination Of Slit Lamp OCT
Nov 22, 2017

The parameters of the anterior chamber angle of normal volunteers were studied and their variations were discussed by using slit lamp optical coherence tomography (SL-OCT) .

Methods 52 eyes of 102 normal volunteers were selected to measure the anterior segment with Heidelberg slit-lamp-OCT, The ATR 500μm and 750μm and the TISA, ARA and ACA at 2 AODs reflect the degree of open angle The results showed that the parameters of 500μm series were larger than those of the 750μm series.

The values of the angle of opening were lower in the upper quadrant, lower in the upper quadrant, larger in the lower quadrant and the largest in the inferior quadrant; Values gradually decreased with age, but increased after 60 years of age.

Conclusion ARA reflects the degree of opening of the angle in the four parameters of AOD, TISA, ACA and ARA measured by SL-OCT The other parameters are poor. The variability of the 500μm series parameters is larger than that of the 750μm series. There is no difference between the left and right eyes in normal human eyes. The upper quadrant is narrower and the lower quadrant is wider. With increasing age, Narrow, 50 to 60-year-old narrowest, 60-year-old room corner Widening trend.

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