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Optometry Phoropter Pay Attention To Eye Hygiene
Nov 06, 2017

Many people worry about wearing glasses, think that the degree will be more and more deep after wearing glasses, and can not be picked up later. Therefore, some nearsighted patients would rather blur the eyes,Optometry Phoropter see things, and not easily wear glasses. In fact, this is a misunderstanding and there is no scientific basis for this concern. In fact, myopia patients such as wearing appropriate glasses, pay attention to eye hygiene, the degree of myopia will stabilize at a certain level.

But some people think it's all right to wear glasses. Usually do not pay attention to eye health, long time in the eyes of fatigue, ciliary excessive spasm,Optometry Phoropter will lead to a deeper degree of myopia; In addition, some people sometimes wear after the mirror, is the eye out of the unstable adjustment state, but also easy to cause myopia degree deepen. If the glasses are not accurate,Optometry Phoropter children without pupil optometry wear glasses, or borrow someone else's glasses or buy a pair of glasses casually put on, will aggravate the burden of the eyes, resulting in a gradual increase in the degree of myopia.

As for some people with high myopia, the degree of myopia after wearing glasses is indeed deepened in the year, accompanied by fundus changes,Optometry Phoropter the medical myopia is called pathological myopia, this myopia is related to the type of myopia and family heredity, and is not caused by wearing a mirror.

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