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Optometry Phoropter Improve The Level Of
May 12, 2017

Optometry Phoropter In all the diagnosis of eye disease, vision is an important reference index. In order to accurately assess the vision, usually in the diagnosis before the optometry.

The complete optometry process includes uncorrected vision and corrected visual acuity. Corrected visual acuity is relatively more diagnostic reference value, is the correction of refractive error after the vision, has to get rid of the refractive factors. If the correction of vision decreased, we must consider the problem of eye disease.

Optometry process, the general first to do the objective refraction, and then do the main sense of optometry. The main refraction process is through the use of integrated refractometer measurement or lens inserts to get the degree of eye refraction.

Optometry Phoropter The most common method is the frame glasses correction, because the lens is very regular, correct astigmatism must also be regular astigmatism, and can not correct irregular astigmatism.

Vision correction methods, in addition to the framework of glasses, but also includes soft, rigid contact lens, corneal plastic mirror and refractive surgery methods.

Different methods of correction, visual effects are also different.

In the past we have done such a study: wearing glasses, soft contact lenses and hard contact lens, the comparison of visual acuity found that wearing a rigid contact lens corrected visual acuity often improved in the visual acuity test to correct visual acuity There is an increase of 1 line.

Optometry Phoropter There are many different ways to assess the visual quality of different ways of correction, such as contrast sensitivity, aberration, point spread function to assess the visual effect, we found through the comparative study, rigid contact lens RGP visual correction of the highest quality.

2 Optometry Phoropter corrected visual acuity is also an important factor in judging amblyopia

The occurrence of amblyopia caused by many reasons, correction of vision is to determine amblyopia is an important factor.

Corrective vision obtained by different methods of correction may also be different: 10-year-old child corrected visual acuity 0.6, give him a correction of contact lens, vision can be increased to 0.8, then you can take away the "amblyopia" hat?

Optometry Phoropter It can be seen in the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, in addition to conventional glasses glasses correction, may also consider other methods, such as RGP correction, soft contact lens correction. The choice of best corrected visual acuity requires a different method of correction.

In the clinical diagnosis, in addition to optometry, when considering whether there is a problem with the cornea, you can wear corneal contact lens to be corrected to achieve the best corrected visual acuity.

Corneal contact lenses can also be used for treatment in addition to the value of amblyopia diagnosis.

Anisometropic amblyopia vision has improved to normal, but because of the difference between the degree of binocular, imaging a big one small, more difficult to form stereoscopic, then contact lens application can effectively establish binocular fusion.

Optometry Phoropter For some adults with amblyopia or goggles use poor compliance with amblyopia children, you can wear a cover effect of colored contact lenses, to achieve effective coverage of the eye, the purpose of amblyopia training.

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