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Optometry Phoropter Clear, Comfortable, Lasting Vision
Oct 12, 2017

There are many users that: with glasses is a simple test to see a visual chart on it, casually find a street store will be able to get, did not go to the hospital optometry. Then optometry in the optical shop and in the hospital optometry in the end there is no difference,Optometry Phoropter we invited Hefei Purui Eye Hospital, director for the users in the hospital and glasses shop in the end what is the difference? Especially children in the end where the glasses with the most assured? Here we first look at the children's glasses on the five common errors.

 Adolescent glasses, must be medical optometry, not only through the medical optometry to distinguish between true myopia and pseudo-myopia with glasses, including eye disease screening, eye visual function checks. If the inspection process found that children have strabismus, amblyopia and other eye disease but also timely diagnosis,Optometry Phoropter the entire process by the professional ophthalmologist to complete, this is the ordinary glasses shop can not be achieved and deliberately ignore the drawbacks.

1, that computer optometry is the computer thing, the operator as long as the machine will be on the line, and many have not been trained personnel removed from the meantime;

2, the eye structure complex and sophisticated, the results of computer optometry only for clinical reference, can not be directly glasses, glasses shop is often computer optometry immediately after the glasses;

3, glasses shop does not have mydriatic optometry qualification, especially the role of young people's eye regulation is very strong, if not mydriatic,Optometry Phoropter optometry error degree is very large, can not be reasonable glasses;

According to the results of the initial optometry, the doctor diagnosed the cause of vision loss in patients with analysis of the possibility of eye disease caused by eye drops,Optometry Phoropter found the problem, timely diagnosis, for correction.

With the improvement of living standards, the public's demand for health has gradually increased, which also includes the requirements of visual health. Eyewear as the main refractive error correction tools, frames, lenses and the quality of glasses equipped with a large extent determines whether people can get clear, comfortable, lasting vision.

With the country's attention to the optical industry and the efforts of professional and technical departments, the market with the quality of glasses from the original 60 to 70% to 80 to 90%.

In recent years,Optometry Phoropter the hospital visual treatment center meteoric rise, but also to enhance the public attention to the degree of visual health, improve their requirements for optical products. In addition to the lens and frames and other optical products itself, the brand, quality, beautiful requirements, they also want to optometry accurate, glasses science, so that eyes reach a clear,Optometry Phoropter comfortable, lasting optical needs.

Starting from the function of glasses, frames more emphasis on style design, wear comfort;Optometry Phoropter lens more attention to optical quality; equipped with glasses focus on processing accuracy.

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