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Optometry Phoropter A Professional And Strong, Involving A Wide Range Of Interdisciplinary
Jun 01, 2017

Optometry Phoropter is a medical field to protect the human eye as the main content of the medical field, is based on ophthalmology and Optometry Phoropter, combined with modern medicine, physical optics, applied optics, biomedical engineering and other knowledge of a professional Strong, involving a wide range of interdisciplinary. Optometrists in the patient for visual inspection, for different ages of the crowd, the integrated consideration is also different. such as:

People over the age of 50, especially the elderly, due to physical reasons, such as: cataracts, glaucoma, hypertension, diabetes, macular degeneration, eye surgery is accompanied by the corresponding complications, eye surgery is still in the post Recovery period, etc., will affect the degree of glasses, wearing glasses clarity, comfort and so on.

The age of 38 to 48 years old crowd, with the increase in the workload of the distance, the appearance of the age of the corresponding appearance of the eye, according to the degree of eye and their own situation, the degree of different eyes, in the glasses before optometrists Must understand the actual age of the patient, asked the purpose of the glasses: to see far from the clear glasses, or to see near the clear glasses, or with the distance from the use (such as watching the computer) glasses. So, this involves asking the age of inquiry.

The age of 24 to 37 years old people, mostly close to the eyes with more people, in their sense of vision decreased, the first thought would have increased the degree, the need to replace the new glasses. In fact, the decline in vision may also be long-term use of eye fatigue or irregular rules of life caused by this situation after rest and adjust the rest time can be alleviated.

Adolescents and children in the glasses, parents will care about children should not mydriasis, the need for fast or slow scattered. In general, children under the age of 12 are mostly slow mydriasis, because the child's eye's ability to adjust is very strong, only the full dilation to find the actual diopter and the true state of the eye, for the mydriatic results, optometrists Or ophthalmologist to give the correct prescription, if it is corrected poor vision or eye abnormalities of children, ophthalmologists will give the appropriate treatment. Adolescents older than 12 years old, if it is hyperopia, large astigmatism or photometric changes in the case of large, also need slow mydriasis.

Therefore, the professional optometrist in the patient before the glasses, not only will ask your age, but also ask your eye situation, wearing a mirror history, glasses purpose, physical health, living habits, schedule and more problem. So as to fully understand your and your glasses needs, give the right glasses prescription and glasses recommendations to help you solve the problems of vision, fitting a clear, comfortable, durable glasses.

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