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Nursing Of Slit-lamp Anterior Segment Processing System In Treatments Of Corneal Foreign Body
Nov 17, 2017

Explore the application and nursing of slit lamp anterior segment processing system in treatments of corneal foreign body. Methods Totally, 120 cases were divided into the control group and the experimental group randomly, the 60 cases of control group received the traditional treatment and the other 60 cases received the

Canon PowerShotA720IS numerical code camera (12,000,000 picture elements)SLM slit lamp to show the position of corneal foreign body, and were carried on some photographs under different angles ( the enlargement ratio ×10, ×16, ×20). Results The rate of credibility and satisfaction to the medical care personnel in experimental group were higher than that in control group, the difference has statistical significance.

Conclusions The application of slit lamp anterior segment processing system provides the direct qualitative basis for the patients. It's convenient for patients to understand their state of the illness, and at the same time, it will achieve the ideal effect when carrying on the relative nursing.

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