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Medical Identificationof Pilot Candidates With Primary Iridociliary Cysts
Sep 27, 2017

Explore appropriate method of identification of primary iridociliary cysts (PIC) in the pilot candidates during physical examination.MethodsA total of 7 813 high school and college students (15 626 eyes) were examined by slit-lamp at the final physical examination for pilot candidate selection.

The gonioscope was selectively applied only if a confined peripheral iris bulging appeared. The number and sites of PIC, changes of eye chamber and depth of anterior eye chamber axis were observed and recorded.Results124 cases (142 eyes) of PIC were found accounting for 1.59% of the total candidates.

85.48% of them were found in one eye and 78.87% were found in single occurrence. 74.86% were located bitemporally and inferiorly. 54.19% were found with corner changes.ConclusionSlit-lamp exam is basically enough for identification of PIC in the physical examination of pilot candidate selection.

Objective To identify the incidence and morbidity rates of haptolenticular degeneration (HLD) at Hanshan County, Anhui Province. Methods According to the principles of age stratification,cluster and random sampling, a total of 112 810 subjects were screened by cornea slit-lamp examination during the period of November 2008 to October 2009. The subjects were from recruited from schools,factories, communities, institutions and villages at Hanshan County. And they belonged to the age group of 7 -75 years. At the same time, each subject was evaluated by the clinical examination with regards to the presence of such clinical manifestations as brain, liver, kidney, skin and other organ damage. And the examinations of copper biochemistry and abdominal ultrasound were performed for those subjects with K-F rings or their clinical manifestations suspicious of HLD. In order to confirm or exclude HLD, the penicillamine challenge test (PCT) was performed if necessary. Results Seven HLD patients had a definite diagnosis of HLD. There were classical Wilson type ( n = 1 ), peudosclerosis type ( n = 1 ), mental disorder type (n = 1 ) , liver type (n = 1 ) and presymptomatics (n = 3). The incidence rate was 2.66/100 000 and the prevalence rate 6.21/100 000 at Hanshan County, Anhui Province. Conclusion HLD is a common disease. In order to avoid a misdiagnosis and prevent an incorrect treatment, physicians should pay more attention to this curable disease and try their best to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.

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