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How To Use Portable Slit Lamp?
Aug 17, 2017

1.1 Diopter Adjustment

1) When the diopter is known, please carry out diopter adjustment with a diopter scale.

2) When you attach a diopter adjustment bar and you adjust a diopter, please adjust in the  following procedures:

Please loosen and remove the attachment screw of a forehead support and attach

a diopter adjustment bar.

Please turn ON illumination, and perform diopter adjustment of both of right

and left so that you observe a diopter adjustment bar from an ocular and a focus matches.(The working distance is designed by about 80mm)


1.2. Pupil-distance adjustment

Please rotate the lens-barrel of the binocular section, and when you see an eyepiece part with both eyes, adjust the PD to become one image.

When not visible to one image, it is possible that the diopter adjustment can not be performed appropriately. In this case, please perform a diopter adjustment once again.


1.3. Illumination control

A illumination ON/OFF switch is turned ON, illumination control volume is turned,

and the quantity of illumination is adjusted.   

If it turns to right-hand side, it will become bright, and it will become dark if it turns to

left-hand side. In the maximum illumination, the illuminance without a filter is about

10,000 luxs.

Turn on LED at the upper left of illumination control volume at the time of the

illumination switch ON. In addition, when battery capacity has decreased, it blinks, and the  light will be put out if it becomes less than 6V.

1.4. Focusing

Apply the forehead rest to the patients forehead, then loosen the clamping control while  observing the eye with the eyepiece and move the slit lamp itself forward or backward to  focus on the subject part.

Since the forehead rest is executed with a spring, even if the slit lamp itself drawn

forward, it will not leave the forehead of the patient easily.


1.5. Slit opening and shutting ring

Turn the slit opening and closing ring to adjust the slit width. When turn this ring

clockwise, slit open, and turn it counterclockwise, slit will be closed.


1.6. Illumination angle

Hold the slide ring with fingers and move it right or left, illumination angle +/-30

degrees available.


1.7. Filter

By rotating a filter, G(Green), B(Cobalt blue), O(conversion filter for color temperature),  and those without a Non filter can be chosen as an illumination system. Please use properly according to the use of observation. A color temperature change filter serves as illumination near daylight color.


1.8. Change of Magnification

Two magnifications available for this hand-held slit lamp by exchanging the eyepiece.

Standard eyepiece 10X and 16X packed together with this instrument.


1.9. Change of Battery

1) Battery

2) The first use and when you do not use it for a long time, please be sure to charge before using. About two hours charge at empty level.

(charge time is changed due to remaining power level)

4) The adapter for charge can be supplied from AC100 -240V power supply.

5) The CHARGE lamp will start to link during charge. Charging is complete when the CHARGE lamp continues go glow.


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