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How To Restore The Eye Astigmatism
Sep 15, 2017

There are a lot of light astigmatism patients, in order to improve vision, to carry out some massage and their own regulation in order to improve vision. Most people will have a slight physiological astigmatism, we do not need to care about, but if the astigmatism is more serious we will be correct. Today we are talking about how the eyes scattered self-recovery.


Astigmatism is often due to bad eye position and increased. Such as lying on the tummy reading, and even squinting or squinting to see things, will cause the eye oppression of the oppressed eye, and the impact of its normal, experts pointed out that patients should quit bad habits is to prevent astigmatism, put an end to myopia. Mild astigmatism (50 degrees or less), most people do not need to correct. But in precision workers or need to read a small text for a long time, then consider wearing astigmatism glasses. In the high astigmatism and hyperopic astigmatism or myopic astigmatism is more to wear astigmatism glasses to correct. Radial astigmatism corneal astigmatism, the use of astigmatism can be said to be the best, even to improve vision! Corneal injury caused by corneal opacity or cracking, the need for corneal correction or astigmatism correction surgery. Body relax, remove distractions, eyes opened, head and neck does not move, alone turn the eye. First staring at the bottom of the eye, slowly turn to the left, and then turn to stare at the top, to the right, and finally back to staring at the bottom, so first turn 9 laps clockwise. Let the eyes from the gaze below, turn to the top right, to the left, and then back to the bottom, so, then counterclockwise turn 6 laps. A total of 4 times. Every turn, the eye should be as much as possible to reach the limit. This eye can exercise eye muscle, improve nutrition, make the eyes flexible, bright and piercing. Eye breathing method: the election of fresh air, or sitting or standing, the body relax, two head as the front, slowly gas will be enough, eyes open, paused for a moment, then the gas slowly exhaled, the eyes also slow Slowly closed, continuous 9 times.

Above is how the eye astigmatism how to restore some of the methods and tips, but only limited to mild astigmatism patients. If it is a high degree of astigmatism must go to the hospital to check the professional, to be corrected. Also hope that patients can recover sooner.

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