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How Does Optometry Phoropter Use?
Jul 27, 2017

1. Steps

Before testing the subject, should first understand his history, routine eye examination, retinoscopy or computer optometry data, check the measurement results and other information.

① seized by the seizure of the chair, the instrument positioning in front of the patient, naked eye facing the optometry head, adjust the height of the chair or table, so that the height of the subject and the optometrist height match.

② with alcohol disinfection after the care, so that the patient forehead against the top.

③ Turn the ball knob so that the dial, cylinder and axial knob to zero degrees. Turn the assist knob to O or O, the prism and cross-cylinder are placed in the initial position and can not be added to the test window.

④ turn the horizontal button so that the bubble in the center position, to ensure that the instrument at a level.

⑤ Turn the interpupillary distance knob so that the PD value is consistent with the interpupillary distance of the subject. Look at the distance when the pupil on the outside.

⑥ adjust the height of the optometry head, so that the eyes were seized in the center of the hole.

⑦ Turn the forehead button to observe and adjust the distance between the cornea and the lens. Observation window, the long line represents 13.75mm, three short-term interval of 2mm. If the corneal vertex is not on the long line, display the degree plus the correction value, only the actual degree. When the degree of display is (+), the correction value is a table, the display degree is (-), the correction value with b table.

⑧ the indoor lighting, the tone to be darker. Look far away, do not turn on the headlights.

⑨ look near, pupil from the bar breaking to the inside, open the headlights. Put down the test lever and move the myopia card to the desired position.

⑩ When using cross-cylinder inspection, pay attention to the axial direction of the cross-cylinder to adjust the axial direction of the instrument cylinder.

2. Precautions

① Before the test must check the knob, dial, adjust the lever position is correct, the operation is flexible.

② Note whether the eyes of the subjects were located in the center of the hole, corneal vertex and scale line position, instrument level and interpupillary distance is correct.

③ no zero scale, we must first zero. To avoid the following work to bring unnecessary trouble.

④ pay attention to the subject's head position, sitting is correct, whether the instrument height match. Even if the head of the subject during the optometry do not skew, so as not to deviate from the axial position of the cylinder.

⑤ indoor lighting must be darker.

⑥ look far away, do not open the headlights.

⑦ look near, do not forget to adjust the interpupillary distance within the shift lever.

⑧ optometry head height adjusted, the locking bar must be locked, so as to avoid bumps accident.

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