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Development History Of Slit Lamp
Oct 27, 2017

In 1911, Gullstrand, a Swedish ophthalmologist, developed the Slit lamp, a famous ophthalmic examination instrument. In 1920, Vogt improved it to make it more perfect and became the prototype of today's slit lamp.

In 1950, China began to develop slit lamp. In 1967, Shanghai medical optical instrument factory took the lead in trial production. In the same year, Suzhou medical equipment factory also successfully designed and made the slit lamp, and in the next more than 20 years become the main manufacturer of slit lamp in china. During this period, the factory also launched 135 film slit lamp. Because the film washing technology can not be mastered in ophthalmology and even in the hospital, its film time is seriously lagging behind, which restricts the development of film slit lamp. Only a few applications in ophthalmology research and thesis compilation. In clinical practice, people have been using the eye inspection and handwriting examination mode.

With the rapid development of market economy, the manufacturers of slit lamps sprung up in the last century in 90s, and the market competition became more and more intense. With the rapid development of computer technology and digital imaging technology, a new type of slit lamp pattern has been renovated. Among them, the application of digital cameras is highly praised. The picture report and the written diagnosis can be printed on the same report sheet, and the inspection report can be checked out immediately. So far, the slit lamp has entered the actual clinical application. China's slit lamp has gone out of the country, many manufacturers have a lot of export volume, and annual export sales innovation high.

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