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Design Of Microscope - Imaging Optical System For Digital Slit Lamp
Oct 17, 2017

Slit lamp microscope is widely used in the field of optometry, with the digital imaging technology, computer technology and image processing technology continues to improve, and vigorously promote the Slit lamp microscope technology advances, a variety of series of Slit lamp microscope endless.

The traditional Slit lamp microscope can only be observed with the eyes, long observation will bring visual fatigue, and the resolution is low, affecting the diagnosis results, and digital Slit lamp microscope can use the computer for dynamic observation, with high-resolution imaging, fast capture images , At any time to store information and other characteristics, making it a hot topic of industry research.

In order to improve the resolution, this paper adopts the parallel Galilean telephoto system to design the optical system with digital Slit lamp microscope with 5 steps, CCD built-in integration.

The main work is as follows: 1. According to the digital Slit lamp microscope optical system design of the imaging principle, the entire system is divided into front objective lens, Galilean telephoto system and photographic objective of the three structures, respectively, to study their respective optical properties. 2, derive the magnification of the magnification system and the design of each structure indicators to determine the size of the entire system. 3, using Zemax multi-structure at the same time on the fifth gear magnification of different lens group aberration optimization design. Based on the good performance of the coaxial system, the optical axis of the Galileo system is translated in the -Y direction to realize the non-coaxial optimization design.

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