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Design And Realization Of Slit Lamp Microscope Lighting System
Oct 17, 2017

To achieve the eye lighting and detection, according to the characteristics of the slit lamp microscope lighting system, designed a slit lamp microscope for the Kohler lighting system.

First, according to the requirements of the slit lamp microscope illumination system, the minimum spherical aberration formula is used to obtain the initial phase of the set light beam.

The illumination system is divided into two parts: the set light beam and the condenser lens. And the optical design software zemax is used to optimize the design.

Finally, the condenser is added to the optical path, the whole optimization is carried out, and the illumination uniformity of the receiving surface is simulated by using the tracePro software.

The total length of the optical beam is 280mm, the distance of the variable diaphragm is 20mm, the distance from the condenser is 142mm, the working distance is 95mm, the uniformity of the receiving surface is 93.9% in the horizontal direction and 92.5% in the vertical axis. Smooth edges, clear and clear, the overall structure is simple, its performance is very good to meet the machine requirements.

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