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Corneal Imaging By Slit Lamp Adapted Optical Coherence Tomography After Keratoplasty
Nov 30, 2017

Observing the union and healing of the graft and implantation after corneal transplantation by Slit Lamp fitting optical coherence tomography (Slit Lamp -OCT) .

Methods 16 cases of 16 penetrating keratoplasty (PKP ) And 10 cases of 10 small incision deep lamellar keratoplasty (DLEK) were scanned and the images were recorded and analyzed by using the software of the instrument.Results After PKP, the implant and the implantation bed were well matched 9 cases, 7 cases of poor cooperation, including 4 cases of pre-iris adhesions.

DLEK surgery, 9 eyes and implant bed fit well, of which 4 cases of marginal protrusion slightly out of the bed, 1 case The edges of the implants curled inward, and the contralateral normal corneal thickness was significantly different from PKP and DLEK (Z = 16.379, P = 0.000) (P> 0.05) .

Conclusion Slit Lamp -OCT is of great significance for judging the healing of postoperative implants and implantation and early detection of postoperative complications.

The treatment of corneal foreign body removed under the Slit Lamp .Methods The data of 620 cases (697 eyes) of 620 corneal foreign bodies in Haihe Hospital of Jinnan District, Tianjin were retrospectively analyzed in terms of the nature, depth and time of visiting foreign body.

After local anesthesia, Results All the 697 eyes were removed by the above method. The complications were related to the depth and nature of the foreign body, and the time of visiting. Most of the foreign bodies appeared in I degree foreign body, iron, dust and foreign body or the treatment time exceeded 3 days .

Conclusion Corneal foreign body is a common occupational ocular trauma. Different parts and nature of foreign body should be treated by different methods. Early treatment and early diagnosis are the key. Improving the working environment and strengthening personal protection can effectively prevent the occurrence of corneal foreign body .

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