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Consultation Mode For Remote Operation Of Slit Lamp Microscope For Ophthalmology Examination
Nov 24, 2017

Slit lamp microscope is a commonly used ophthalmic examination instrument, which can be used by medical staff to clearly observe the diseased tissue in the deep eyes of patients. Traditional Slit lamp microscopy is conducted by the medical staff face-to-face with patients. With the rapid development of information technology, various countries have begun to attach great importance to and develop telemedicine projects. Through the telemedicine system, patients can obtain remote expert information whether they are in areas lacking in medical resources such as remote mountainous areas or remote islands Consultation, which greatly meet the vast majority of patients with medical services needs. In order to carry out the ophthalmological examination of the remote operation Slit lamp microscope and enable the remote operator to make the next operation judgment through real-time understanding of the state of the Slit lamp microscope at the remote end, this article rebuilds the traditional Slit lamp microscope structure, Network technology, a remote Slit lamp microscope examination system based on B / S architecture was designed and developed. The system also includes a 3D model motion simulation module capable of simulating the real-time status of a remote Slit lamp microscope. The prototype system developed in this paper established a consultation mode for remote operation of Slit lamp microscope for ophthalmology examination and added a new service project for remote ophthalmology consultation.
The main contents of this study are as follows:
(1) The traditional Slit lamp microscope operating mechanism structural transformation, by adding motor drive, belt drive, screw drive, gear drive, the operation of the Slit lamp microscope from manual mode to motor-driven mode, after the transformation The control interface to the Slit lamp microscope is connected to the system server, providing the hardware foundation for remote control functions.
(2) Based on JavaEE application development specification, using Struts2 framework and Spring framework to build remote Slit lamp microscope examination software system based on B / S architecture, the system's functions include remote operation of  Slit lamp microscope, patient information management, patient's eye picture Shooting and preservation, patient diagnosis records, medical staff remote communication.
(3) The WebGL technology is used to develop the 3D model motion simulation module of  Slit lamp microscope, and the 3D model of the Slit lamp microscope is rendered and simulated on the webpage without additional plug-in, and the motion state of the Slit lamp microscope at the remote end is simulated in real time, The timely adjustment of the position of the Slit lamp microscope at the remote end is also the main innovation of this article.

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