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Common Mistakes In Laser Surgery For Myopia
Aug 04, 2017

1、laser myopia surgery sequelae and security risks

Any surgery has certain risks, doctors and patients need surgery is well matched; LASIK surgery in China has 20 years of development, technology and equipment to develop and perfect, clinicians increasingly rich experience, laser myopia operation especially femtosecond laser myopia operation has been very mature and safe operation.

Comprehensive and meticulous preoperative examination, strict screening of surgical contraindications, and strictly grasp the scope of indications, has reduced the operation complications to a very low level.

2、 any degree of laser myopia surgery can be corrected

Laser myopia surgery is a corneal surgery, the principle is to excimer laser ablation of corneal stroma tissue, change corneal curvature, so that the light can focus on the retina, so as to achieve the purpose of correction of myopia. Therefore, the range of correction is closely related to corneal thickness. More than 1200 degrees of myopia patients often leave a certain degree after the safety corneal thickness is reserved.

Therefore, patients over 1200 degrees are generally not allowed to undergo surgery, and ICL crystal implantation should be considered.

3、laser myopia surgery has no age limit

Under the age of 18 patients with myopia, refractive development is often unstable, myopia may further deepen; more than 50 years of age of myopia, there have often been associated with presbyopia, and lens opacity, the myopia and astigmatism can be corrected at the same time in cataract surgery.

Therefore, not all myopia patients are suitable for laser myopia surgery.

4、laser myopia surgery can only treat myopia, astigmatism can not be corrected

Myopic patients often merge astigmatism with a certain degree. Under normal circumstances, laser myopia surgery can correct astigmatism while correcting myopia. But it should be noted that, due to equipment reasons, the current general treatment can only be corrected within 600 degrees astigmatism.

5、 laser myopia surgery vision can reach 1.5

The human eye is a delicate refractive system composed of the cornea, lens, vitreous body, retina and so on. Any lesion or defect in the tissue can cause visual impairment. The difference in vision is often due to differences in the overall refractive system of the eye. It is difficult to completely adjust the refractive status of the entire eyeball by merely adjusting the corneal refractive power.

Therefore, in general, laser myopia surgery can help patients achieve preoperative correction of vision, and can not be expected to have 1.5 of the vision.

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