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Agreement Of Anterior Chamber Angle Examination By Slit Lamp Optical Coherence Tomography And Gonioscopy
Nov 28, 2017

The consistency between anterior segment angle (OCT) and gonoscopic examination of anterior chamber angle in slit lamp.Methods: A total of 13 patients (26 eyes) with primary glaucoma and 8 normal subjects (16 eyes) In the darkroom, OCT and gonioscopy of the anterior segment of the slit lamp were performed on the temporal, nasal, upper and lower quadrants of both eyes in turn. The anterior chamber angle was recorded by the grading system combined with the Shaffer and Schei methods. Pearson correlation analysis and Kappa values were used to test the consistency of the two kinds of test results.RESULTS The Pearson correlation coefficient of the two methods were 0.86 (P = 0.00) and 0.75 (P = 0.00) The sensitivity and specificity of the closure angle (ie, Shaffer classification of gonioscopy‚ȧ2) were 94.7% and 89.4%, respectively.Conclusion The anterior OCT of the slit lamp is consistent with the gonioscopy and the detection can close the angle The specificity and sensitivity of higher, can be used as an objective examination of glaucoma-assisted diagnosis.

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