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Beamsplitters The Field Of Applied Optics Is Of Great Importance
Aug 03, 2017

Beamsplitters is a component that can divide a beam of light into two beams of light or multiple beams, usually composed of a metal film or a dielectric film.

A beam of light can be divided into two beams of light or more light components, usually by the metal film or dielectric film composition.

An optical beam Beamsplitters for radiating a portion of the incident light beam in the form of a sub-beam. The beam Beamsplitters includes a grating that deflects a portion of the incident light beam by diffraction and a mirror for enlarging the direction of the sub-beam toward the direction of the incident light beam.

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A beam Beamsplitters having a first surface optical beam Beamsplitters provided thereon with a grating for generating a sub-beam having a second direction in a radiation beam incident on the surface having a first direction, characterized in that the beam Beamsplitters Comprising a mirror for changing the direction of the sub-beam from the second direction to the third direction and the angle between the first and second directions being smaller than the angle between the first and third directions.

The Beamsplitters has important applications in optical micromanipulation, three-dimensional optical imaging and optical communication because of its helical phase wavefront and near-infinite topological load. Compared with the single-channel Beamsplitters generator, the multi-channel Beamsplitters generator can not only enhance the information security and capacity in the information transmission and storage, capture a large number of particles in the particle capture at once, but also can detect different objects at the same time Of the topography or movement characteristics. Conventional multi-channel Beamsplitters generating devices, such as helical gratings, spatial light modulators (SLMs), etc., have high order diffraction interference, energy dissipation of different channels, and excessive component size And can not be integrated in the micro-nano chip and other issues, so that these devices in the application there is a great limitation. Therefore, the micro-multi-channel vortex light beam Beamsplitters with high homogeneity and no high order diffraction has important significance in the field of applied optics.

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The State Key Laboratory of Microfabrication and Optics of Optoelectronics uses a subwavelength structure to realize a multi-channel Beamsplitters generator with uniform distribution of light energy between channels and no high order diffraction. By adjusting the amplitude and phase of the light wave into the size and rotation angle of the cell structure, the amplitude and phase control of the beam are realized at the same time. The element thickness is about one tenth of the incident wavelength, the resulting Beamsplitters is not subject to high order diffraction interference, and the light energy distribution between the channels is uniform. The experimental results show that the energy uniformity of the beam lattice is 0.146 for the second - order amplitude and continuous phase - controlled multi - channel generator, which is better than pure phase regulation. Based on this principle developed a series of arrayed laser beam Beamsplitters in the CLP Group, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aerospace Science and Technology Group, a number of tasks have been applied.

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