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Beamsplitters The Device Is Cheaper And Easier To Use
Oct 12, 2017

As a new technology, silicon optical circuit in the signal transmission time, not the use of electronic, but with the help of laser photons. And a silicon-based CPU,Beamsplitters the information processing speed is expected to reach millions of times today's computer. In the process of this goal, the University of Utah engineers have made the latest breakthrough, that is the world's smallest photonic beam splitter (photonic beam-splitter). The most gratifying is that it's small enough to fit into a single silicon chip.

It is reported that the beam splitter is only 2.4x2.4 microns in size (human hair wire diameter of 1/50), and the incident light can be divided into two beams,Beamsplitters which provides polarization for the joy of two independent channels.

Combining other optoelectronic components and replacing their electronic equivalents (such as transistors, diodes, and other semiconductor devices), the future of "light speed computing" will no longer be far away.

This new device not only can exchange data at a rapid rate, its silicon-based design, but also means that it can be cheaper and easier to use than similar devices (after all, can use the existing silicon chip manufacturing technology).

In addition, because the optoelectronic circuit does not need to use the wire for conduction, its power consumption and heat will be much smaller (significantly improve efficiency). At present, Intel and IBM are developing silicon-based technology-based supercomputers,Beamsplitters they are also the target team of the research team.

The team said that such supercomputers are expected to use this beam splitter in three years, and data centers that require faster connections may also come into contact with such devices earlier.

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