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Beamsplitters Low Manufacturing Cost, Suitable For Large Area Promotion
Jun 14, 2017

Beamsplitters Near-infrared spectrometer a wide range, according to the point of view there are a variety of classification. From the application point of view, can be divided into online process monitoring equipment, special equipment and general equipment. From the spectral information obtained from the instrument, there are only a few wavelengths of special instruments, there can be measured near the infrared spectrum of the research equipment; some dedicated to the determination of short-band near-infrared spectroscopy, and some apply to the determination of long Band near infrared spectroscopy. The more commonly used classification mode is based on the instrument in the form of spectral classification, can be divided into filter type, dispersion type (grating, prism),Beamsplitters Fourier transform type and so on. The following are described separately.

Filter type near infrared spectroscopy instrument

Filter-type near-infrared spectroscopy instrument to filter as a spectral system, that is, the use of filters as monochromatic optical devices. Filter-type near-infrared spectroscopy instrument can be divided into fixed filter and adjustable filter in two forms, which fixed filter-type instrument when the nearest infrared spectrometer design form. When the instrument is in operation, the light emitted by the light source passes through the filter to obtain a wide band of monochromatic light, and reaches the detector after the sample is applied.

The advantages of this type of instrument is: the instrument is small, can be used as a dedicated portable instrument; manufacturing costs are low,Beamsplitters suitable for large area promotion.

The shortcomings of this type of instrument are: monochromatic light band is broad, the wavelength resolution is poor; the temperature and humidity is more sensitive; can not get the continuous spectrum;Beamsplitters can not pretreat the spectrum, get less information. It can only be used as a low-end special equipment.

Dispersive Near Infrared Spectroscopy Instrument

The spectroscopic element of the dispersion-type near-infrared spectroscopy instrument may be a prism or a grating. In order to obtain a higher resolution, the modern dispersion type instrument uses the holographic grating as the spectroscopic element. The scanning instrument rotates through the grating so that the monochromatic light passes through the sample according to the wavelength and enters the detector. Depending on the physical properties of the sample,Beamsplitters different measuring devices can be selected for projection or reflection analysis.

The advantages of this type of instrument: the use of scanning near-infrared spectroscopy can be full-spectrum scanning of the sample, scanning repeatability and resolution called the filter-type instrument to a large extent, the individual high-end dispersion-type near infrared spectrometer also Can be used as a research instrument. Chemometrics in Near Infrared Applications One of the characteristics of modern near infrared analysis. By using the full spectrum analysis,Beamsplitters a lot of useful information can be extracted from the near infrared spectrum. The spectral model is correlated with the nature (composition, characteristic data) of the training set by a reasonable econometric method to obtain the corresponding correction model. The nature of the unknown sample.

The shortcomings of the type of instrument: the grating or mirror mechanical bearings for a long time continuous use easy to wear, affecting the wavelength accuracy and reproducibility; due to more mechanical parts, the instrument's poor seismic performance; spectrum susceptible to stray light interference ; Scanning speed is slow, poor expansion performance. As a result of the use of external standard sample calibration equipment,Beamsplitters its resolution, signal to noise ratio and other indicators than the filter-type instrument has been greatly improved, but compared with the Fourier-type instrument is still a qualitative difference.

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