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Beamsplitters Interferometer Is An Important Part
Aug 15, 2017

What does the Beamsplitters mean? What is its working principle and processing material?

The Beamsplitters is an important part of the interferometer, and the beam is incident on the surface of the Beamsplitters at 45 degrees or at other angles. In theory, 50% of the light should pass through the Beamsplitters and 50% by the beam , So that a beam of light is divided into two beams of light.

     Commonly used Beamsplitters is a matrix-coated Beamsplitters, which is an extremely thin film deposited on a substrate that is transparent to infrared light. Mid-infrared commonly used Beamsplitters is in the potassium bromide substrate on the deposition of 1μm after the germanium film.

Splitter is a component that can divide a beam of light into two beams of light or multiple beams, usually composed of a metal film or a dielectric film.


A beam of light can be divided into two beams of light or more light components, usually by the metal film or dielectric film composition.

An optical Beamsplitters for radiating a portion of the incident light beam in the form of a sub-beam. The Beamsplitters includes a grating that deflects a portion of the incident light beam by diffraction and a mirror for enlarging the direction of the sub-beam toward the direction of the incident light beam.

A Beamsplitters having a first surface optical Beamsplitters provided thereon with a grating for generating a sub-beam having a second direction in a radiation beam incident on the surface having a first direction, characterized in that the Beamsplitters Comprising a mirror for changing the direction of the sub-beam from the second direction to the third direction and the angle between the first and second directions being smaller than the angle between the first and third directions.

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