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Application Of Slit Lamp Microscopy Combined With Fluorescein Staining In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Concealed Foreign Body On Ocular Surface
Nov 15, 2017

Methods One hundred and twenty eyes of occult ocular foreign bodies were retrospectively analyzed.

Methods The clinical features, examination and treatment of 27 cases of occult foreign bodies were retrospectively analyzed.

Results All of the 27 cases were monocular, including 14 males and 16 females 13 cases, the median age was 29 years old, the interquartile range was 25 years old, 39 years old, the median duration of symptoms was 2.0d, interquartile range of 0.5d, 4.0d. , Corneal foreign body in 9 cases, conjunctival foreign body in 18. Before the removal of foreign body, all eyes with slit lamp microscope showed no significant ocular surface damage.Ultrasound slit lamp  microscope combined with fluorescein staining found that ocular surface occult foreign body There were characteristic changes, including "fluorescein staining" and "fluorescein edge set", in which the percentage of "fluorescein staining" was 44.4% and the percentage of "fluorescein" was 92.6% 4 cases with microscopic tweezers out, the remaining 8 cases using a combination of foreign body removal method.After the removal of foreign body, the slit lamp microscope combined with fluorescein staining results showed that 4 eyes showed no significant staining, 2 eyes Coloring flake, 21 eye-like or linear coloring.

All patients were See eye infections caused by foreign matter. Conclusion by finding characteristic changes, slit lamp microscope and corneal fluorescein staining test for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular surface helps occult foreign bodies.

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