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Application Of Slit Lamp Microscope In Morphological Observation Of Corneal Endothelial Cells
Oct 17, 2017

The application of speckle mirror irradiation in the observation of corneal endothelial cells in order to guide the clinical diagnosis and treatment. METHODS: From January to June in 2013, 10 patients and the number and morphology of corneal endothelial cells were detected by non-contact corneal endothelial cell count.

The number of endothelial cells was reduced and the number was reduced to 700 / mm2. 12 cases of healthy people, compared with the slit lamp microscope mirror reflex method and endothelial cell counting instrument two methods to observe the effect of endothelial cell morphology.

Results All patients were able to take clear corneal endothelial cells using a speckle light microscope (40x) with a slit lamp microscope (40x). In patients with reduced endothelial cells, the number of endothelial cells decreased and the diameter became larger and the fusion cells were found.

Compared with the corneal endothelium test, the cell fusion was increased. In the same way, the corneal endothelial cells were observed by speckle light microscopy, and the number of endothelial cells was more and more obvious. The more difficult the boundary was, the more obvious the boundary was. The same result can be obtained by comparing the corneal endothelial cell counter.

Slit lamp microscope magnification to 16 times, the number of endothelial cells less than 700 / mm2 can still be observed in endothelial cells, but normal human endothelial cells can not distinguish. Conclusion It is an effective and rapid clinical technique to observe the morphology and density of corneal endothelial cells by speckle irradiation with slit lamp microscope.

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