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Application Of Comprehensive Phoropter/Refractor In Ophthalmology Clinic
Sep 29, 2017

Evaluate the value of a refractor/opthalmic phoropter in ophthalmic clinics.
Methods: Analyze data before use (2003-2004) and after use (2005 - October 2006), including: patient satisfaction, complaint rate of failure, cost-effectiveness.Results: Patient satisfaction,

before use 82 % Of the use of 94%; put the failure rate, the use of the first 5%, 1.2% after use. Economic benefits: after use than the use of about 40% growth.

It is expected that with the continuous improvement of optometry technology, economic efficiency will increase year by year At the same time, it is also on a new step in the diagnosis and treatment of ametropia.

Electric phoropter/refractor, although a wide range of systems, but the overall should include the console (including the keyboard and display), bracket structure, seat,

as the hole and other components, and optometry work closely related to the hole and the console, (1) as the hole plate. Automatic refractor/phoropter as the hole plate is similar to the manual  opthalmic phoropter/refractor disc, because there is no variety of adjustment hand wheel, only (See Figure 1). View the hole set the ball lens group, cylinder group and auxiliary lens group and other test lenses, type specifications and manual integrated refractor slightly the same.

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