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A Slit-lamp-based Eye Image Acquisition And Processing System
Sep 27, 2017

A slit-lamp-based eye image acquisition and processing system is introduced.By refitting the photographic optical circuit of traditional slit lamp and replacing the original analog camera with digital camera, higher resolution digital images can be obtained in this system.

It also can provide objective and quantified clinic diagnostic evidence by processing eye pictures using digital image processing techniques. In addition, efficient storage and remote transmission of patients' information and images are implemented in this system.

The treatment of 60 cases of corneal deep glass foreign body.Methods: Under the fissure microscope, remove the foreign body with water syringe No.4, remove the blunt needle on the 26th, and rinse the glass in the cornea And the foreign body was embedded in the Descemet's membrane, and then removed with a micro-tweezers.Results: All the foreign bodies were taken out once, no one infection, wound were I stage, visual function recovery.Conclusion: Under the fracture microscope Corneal deep glass foreign body with a clear optical lighting. Concentration of light, the foreign body resolution, foreign body positioning accuracy, tissue damage is small, conducive to wound repair and so on.

Corneal foreign body is a common disease of ophthalmology clinic, the patient may be photophobia after injury, tears, pain and other symptoms, severe corneal infection, endophthalmitis, visual impairment. Division I from 2005 to give up the flashlight oblique lighting method, Used in the slit lamp to take corneal foreign body, to obtain a better therapeutic effect.

782 cases of corneal foreign body removal and visual function were observed.Results: 782 patients were removed under the slit lamp, especially for the pupil area and multiple iron Quality of foreign body, to determine the accuracy of the removal rate is high, rust stains clean, leaving the cloud of 64 cases accounted for 8%, visual acuity decreased 1 to 3 line 8 cases accounted for 1% .Conclusion: strengthen labor protection and prevention publicity, Understanding of the dangers of corneal foreign body.

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